APC Buhari Unfit for 2019 Here is Why

Prior to the 2015 General Presidential Election, which gave victory to the All People's Progressive Party (APC). with Buhari as president, Nigerians were fooled by the ironic phrase 'Change' which the APC Promised will bring Nigeria out of darkness to light. This change was never clearly defined to Nigerians who naively misunderstood the word 'change' to be progress for the country. In reality, the APC Party had a different agenda which was to take advantage of the naive nature of the Nigerian voters and come into power with just a single motive of destruction.
The PDP Presidency headed by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan clearly was a government of deceit and predictability which intentional allowed corruption to strive as a policy in Government. Nigerians simply wanted an opportunity to correct their mistakes by seeking for a new government capable of delivering governance to the people hence the acceptance of the word "CHANGE"

Let's face it, in order to make a change, we must work hard for it. But if all we do as a nation is to naively follow the non-professional way of governance and deceit, we will almost certainly be imposed upon as a nation by these Leaders. The buhari led administration came into existence in the year 2015 with high expectation from the Nigerian Populace. But what we have seen so far for 3 years going 4 years is been complete failure from the APC government characterized with drama and drama from members of the House of Senate and House of Assembly. Fact, 1 year in government is equivalent to 10 years of normal life in terms of achievements. This means in 1 year, a government with the right ideology can positively impact a nation which can clearly by seen by the entire nation as ''Change''.

The buhari led administration is approaching the end of a 4 year term which if we calculate equates 40 years of normal life. Now if we carefully examine this 40 years of normal life, it is true to say that this period should be sufficient for a government to improve a nation in a massive scale. Therefore, if the Buhari led administration cannot provide evidence of visible achievements in these 4 years of governance, it only means that his administration cannot move Nigeria forward.

During the political campaign organized by the APC in 2015, Nigerians were promised a lot in terms of what the APC Government will achieve for the country during their first four years in government. Among these promises that prompted the word ''CHANGE'' are:

1). Security for the people and the Nation.

2). Economic Growth for Nigeria.

3). Improved Infrastructure in Nigeria.

4). Employment for all Nigerians.


Nigeria has become the most unsecured and unstable nation since the Buhari led administration took power in the year 2015. The number of killings nationally has risen to hundreds of thousands with no remorse from the APC Government or from the president himself. Following the president's promise to defeat Boko-Haram, it became very clear that the APC Government cannot secure Nigeria or provide the citizens with the protection needed to lead a normal life. The mass kidnapping of more than 200 girls from a boarding school in Chibok town, Borno State in April 2014. So far only 93 of the Chibok girls were freed in a swap deal between the Nigerian government and the insurgent group. More than 100 of them remain in captivity with their whereabouts unknown. This cannot be forgotten in a hurry as we think the Buhari led administration has undoubtedly failed Nigerians in their ability to rescue these innocent school girls.

Boko Haram has kidnapped more than 1,000 children in Nigeria since 2013. A recent Comment from a father of one of the kidnapped girls: "I have been calling the government to save my daughter. I believe they can get her from Boko Haram if they want to help us," Nathan said."

Despite all these cry out from Nigerians, there is been no effort by the Buhari led Administration to ease the worries of Nigerians but instead all Nigerians are faced with is the complete negativity from the Nigerian Lawmakers who are only self motivated on personal ground to remain in government offices. A recent report by the BBC, indicated that the Nigerian Politicians are responsible for the endless killings in Nigeria as a move to blame the opposition party. The report highlighted the killings in areas where voters did not vote for the present government. It claims it is a political strategy to frustrate and blame the past government for the failure of the present government.

The first priority for any Government is Security, the APC Government has failed in their Ability to protect the lives and property of this country. As if the Boko-Haram insurgent was not sufficient, Nigerians one got a wake up call from a newly formed terror group called the Fulani Herdsmen Whose motive remains unknown just like the Boko Haram. Unlike the Boko-Haram terror group, the Fulani herdsmen maliciously force their way into people's homes and murder them. The numbers killed has so far risen to tens of thousands with absolutely nothing done by the current government to curb this menace. Therefore we ask, who will allow a government like this to continue?


The total figure in terms of Economic performance is vague as the Buhari led administration continues in the government of deceit and lies to the people of Nigeria. Manufacturing companies in various sectors have all been moving their businesses out of Nigeria to Ghana for the simple reason best described as ''inability to break even''

But the worst is considering the negative effect of the US dollar to the Naira which has tripled in just three years into the Buhari led APC Administration. Importers of products are not able to import goods into the country due to increased exchange rate and high import tariffs at the Nigerian sea ports. Economically, the APC government led by Buhari has failed as Nigeria has been quoted to be the ''POVERTY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD''

Nigerians can no longer afford the basic necessities of life as a result of high prices originating from increase in the US dollar and high sea port tariffs. This is a major failure in government especially as the people that voted in this government into power have had their means of livelihood destroyed therefore sending them into poverty.


Let's take a look at the Nigerian Power sector. This sector was split into three parts by the past government headed by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. And what we now have is the Gencos( Generation Companies), the Transco's(Transmission Companies), and the disco's(Distribution Companies). Our immediate concern is the disco's because they are directly involved in ensuring the consistent supply of power to the citizens of Nigeria.

These disco's apparently comprise of 11 companies who under normal business agreement with the government should invest in the sector to give improvement that can translate to steady and regular supply of electricity to every Nigerian. But today, just 5 years after the split in the sector, and a change in government, the Nigerian power sector has experienced nothing short of constant decline.

At the inception of the Buhari led administration, Nigerians were fooled into the understanding that this sector will sustain improvement through the appointment of a super minister of works, housing and power. After the appointment of this super minister named Mr BaBa Tunde Fashiola, Nigerians are yet to see any improvement. Here is a recent report by a Local Nigerian media:

"The minister of works, power and housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, have been engaged in constant defense of the poor performance of the Electricity distribution companies before now. But just last week, he was reported to have had a meeting with these 11 discos over their failure to deliver service to Electricity consumers across the country especially in the areas of providing electric meters to their customers and their incapability to purchase enough voltage from the generating companies.

The major concern to Nigerians is the epileptic nature of the power being delivered by these distribution companies.
" Despite the fact that sound economic developments do not happen overnight, we must also state that Nigerians anticipated better outcomes than what they are seeing today five years after the privatization of the sector.

Based on the letters of the agreements the government signed with the Discos in 2013 before they took over, and the efficiency levels of the assets now in their fifth year of operation, we are convinced that there is still a lot more to be done to get anywhere near efficient electricity service delivery, and that both parties have nonetheless failed in their responsibilities to the Nigerian people.

The Discos claim that the federal government has continued to frustrate their operations with politically-motivated policies. They allege being forced to operate without cost-reflective tariff for more than three years; railroaded to accepting in their balance sheets certain legacy debts (gas debt) carried over from the defunct PHCN days as against the government off setting them and most importantly, that the industry regulator is more an appendage of the Power Ministry with little or no say in how the sector should run.

However, we may need to remind Fashola and the Discos that the real fight they should be getting into now should be in the operational fields so they can find solutions to the many
problems that afflict the sector which are man made and solvable. Asking the Discos to quit, as Fashola publicly did, will not resolve the problems, neither will the threat by the Discos to return the assets to the government.

What will most likely solve the problem is collaboration.Unfortunately, both parties have largely been combative in their relationship. They need to accept wholeheartedly that the challenges of the sector are not just the responsibility of one party and that the earlier they get down to work on credible solutions to them, the better for Nigeria. They also need to understand that asking just one party to consistently bend backwards will not work as everybody must be willing and able to make sacrifices for the good of all.

We want an end to this seemingly unending brickbat in the sector, and would like to see all parties being alert to their jobs – the NERC becoming independent in all its roles in the sector; the government taking its own share of obligations to the sector; the Discos meeting all the service level agreements they signed up to in the sector; and of course the Gencos producing power for the TCN to transmit to the Discos for use by Nigerians. Until these happen, there will continue to be crisis in the sector to the detriment of the people.

Finally, based on existing operational status report of the sector where the government has claimed the Discos owe the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET) over N500 billion and the Discos in turn alleging the tariff gap which is the gap in excess of N1.3 trillion, we will like to remind all parties that this sector is already on the brink hence there is an urgent need to save it from imminent collapse."

Haven admitted to the total failure of the 11 disco's, the minister of power has stated nothing positive to the media about what the government is doing or plan to do as regards correcting the defect of these disco's that are currently keeping the country in darkness. Instead, he went further to say there had been improvement in the Genco which apparently have increased the national power generation from 2.4MW to 5.2MW. Despite these figure, Nigerians cannot see any visible change in the power sector.

The buhari led administration, promised regular power supply to Nigerians among other promises, but in four years of governance, the power sector has remain in chaos which means that this administration cannot provide the basic needs that any government should provide. In our view, if a government cannot provide what their campaign manifesto says, that government has failed.

Democracy is about giving the citizens of any nation the ability to live life to the fullest. What the buhari led administration have succeeded in achieving in these past 4 years in government is failure in all areas of democracy. If Nigeria is to move forward as a nation, there should be a new government put in place and capable of providing the tools necessary for the growth of this country. A nation like Nigeria with a population of about 150 million cannot become productive without consistent power supply.

If this Buhari led administration cannot prioritize something as important as power during the first four years in government, it only means that Nigeria is backward bound. If the APC government remain in power, Nigeria will continue to experience decay in major infrastructure which will undoubtedly become impossible to restore. The youths of Nigeria are argitating for a good government.

A government to be headed by someone young and vibrant who can implement governmental ideas that every citizen can emulate. The youths do not welcome a government headed by someone in their 70's and deficient of ideas capable of growing a country. Currently, the APC government has no evidence of a viable policy that is designated progress for Nigeria, why should Nigeria continue to dwell in backward policies? the world today is progressive in all sectors, Nigeria must be able to join in this trend and the only way to achieve this will be to have an idealistic government in place.

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