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For advertising on our telephony System, it is important to understand our strict policy before the commencement of your advertisement.

All incoming calls are charged at normal gsm rate. We do not use premium numbers on our system. All incoming calls are charge by the mobile network operators who is completely not related to our system. We are paid any amount by the network operator to receive incoming calls no matter the volume.

All inbound calls are processed with quick searches of our offline database thereby cutting callers call time down to a few seconds.

Our operators searches our database using digital codes to satisfy the inquiry of any caller. our advertisers have consented either verbally or in writing before we input their business information into our database for advertisement activation.

Any unpaid advertisement in our system will remain deactivated until paid for in full.

Activated adverts will run for one year. A notice of renewal is sent to every advertise by sms when any advertisement is up for renewal.

Our field operators are allowed to receive cash payment from advertisers provided a receipt of payment is issued to the advertiser.

If any advertiser feels uncomfortable giving payment to our field agents, that advertiser is directed to the bank by our field agent who would provide the advertiser with our company banking information.

On production of the payment slip, the field agent can activate that advertiser on our system.

There will be no refund of payments for advertising after the advertisement have been activated on our system.

An advertiser asking for refund, must do so before the advertisement is activated.

When callers call into our system to inquire about any business whether local or National, our operators searches our database and if that business is found, the caller is forwarded to that business.

Our service during this period terminates as soon as the incoming caller is forwarded to that business.

We take no responsibility should the callers business dealings with the business fails or if the business or service provider turns out to be unreliable.

We are simply an advertisement Agency not a recommendation agency We do not have any affiliation to any business advertised on our system.

We advertise businesses on both our online platform and on our telephony system. Clients wishing to have their adverts placed only on our high traffic websites are advised to specify this in their email when they contact us.

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